About Us


Created by three forward-thinking physicians and a technology expert, the TrueTeleHealth platform was designed to improve access and delivery of virtual healthcare. Within our multi-specialty medical practices, we recognized the many opportunities that could benefit from telehealth integration. Using our combined expertise (and a little hard work), we bring to you a user-friendly, affordable, and complete telehealth solution.

Our Founders

Aleks Radovic, MD


"Incorporating technology within the practice of medicine ensures the advancement of healthcare."

Maher Najjar, MD


"Enhancing virtual patient care continues to be my passion."

Haresh Sawlani, MD


"TrueTeleHealth has successfully improved patient access to healthcare which results in better outcomes."

Vinod Venugopal


"Understand, Strategize, Execute, Feedback, Repeat - This will keep our product insync and allow TrueTeleHealth to evolve."